at the Pallotta School

Interested parents, guardians, and school districts may request a tour and/or information regarding the treatment approach and educational services offered. The actual admissions process consists of the following:


The Pallotta School receives referrals directly from individual schools/ school districts. Referral packets are reviewed promptly to determine if our program is an appropriate match for the student’s needs.


After reviewing the Referral Packet, an introductory meeting and tour are scheduled for the student and parent to discuss and determined if our services may be able to help the student achieve the goals and objectives in his/her IEP. The admissions team then determines if an opening exists in a classroom that matches the applicant’s age and academic level.


After reviewing all student information, the Admissions Team makes a determination regarding acceptance. Student admission is based on appropriate classroom placement and peer grouping. If our services are well matched to the student’s needs, but an opening is not available, the student’s referral will remain in place until an appropriate opening is identified . The referral file allows us to consider all students who have been approved for admission.