The Italian Home For Children’s Therapeutic After School and Vacation Programs serve students of Boston Public Schools, ages 6-12, who exhibit an array of behavioral health disorders which significantly impair functioning in home, school, and/or community. 


  1. To provide structured, therapeutically supported programming that offers engaging activities to facilitate the development of social, emotional, and self-management strategies.
  2. To provide enriching activities and supervision to emotionally fragile and vulnerable children during crucial late afternoon, vacation, and summer hours when children could otherwise become exposed to negative influences in the community.
  3. To provide opportunities for learning and practicing social-emotional skills in a supportive environment on campus and then transfer those learned skills in a variety of settings and situations off campus.
  4. To participate in community activities and foster a sense of community belonging.  
  5. To provide a transitional support for parents/guardians and children between school, home, and the community.
  6. To help reduce conflicts between parents/guardians and children caused by homework and school related matters.
  7. To provide children with tutorial services, with a focus on direct tutoring, and building skills such as perseverance and responsibility, required for short-term and long-term academic success.
  8. To provide outreach, collaboration, consultation, and coordination to families, schools, providers, and other collaterals to ensure that children experience success in all domains.
  9. To provide information and support accessing additional behavioral health resources to optimize child and family functioning.

After School Program

Our full-year Therapeutic After School program on the Jamaica Plain campus is Monday through Friday 2:00pm-5:45pm on school days, and 9:00am-3:00pm on non-school days during vacations/summer.  

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Summer Program

Our Summer Camp hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm, at our Jamaica Plain campus.

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School Vacation Program

Our hours during February and April school vacation weeks are Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm, at our Jamaica Plain campus.

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