The F.O.C.U.S. (Focusing on Children’s Ultimate Success) Program is committed to providing an array of high quality and comprehensive clinical services and meaningful therapeutically oriented experiences to promote optimal success for all children.

Services are designed to offer children opportunities to cultivate underdeveloped skills, acknowledge and foster individual talents and strengths, and promote personal growth and welfare. Our program is sensitive to, and understanding of, individual differences in development and learning styles, culture and ethnic backgrounds, and family dynamics. The After School Program welcomes and respects diversity in all its forms.

Through a structured, safe, and therapeutically supportive environment, children learn the social-emotional, interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills necessary to improve functioning in the home, school, and community setting. In conjunction with skill acquisition, children enhance their sense of self-worth, self-efficacy, respect for oneself and others, understanding of individual and civic responsibility, and capacity for resilience and grit.

While the youth learn new skills in the on-campus supportive classroom-type environments, very often they are also attending off-campus activities to transfer their new knowledge and skills in real-life settings. Community integration is a key component and goal of the program. 

The ultimate goal for all children attending the After School Program is that, through participation in the program, children develop the faculties necessary to succeed in a less restrictive environment. Ongoing support and encouragement is provided throughout the transition period to address the changing needs of children and families. Children who have experienced success at the After School Time Program can feel confident in their readiness to transition and ability to succeed in a less restrictive setting.

This is a year-long program, operating during after school hours on school days from 2:00pm-5:45pm and full days on non-school days such as vacation and summer from 9:00am-3:00pm.