Uncertain Times Call
for an Extraordinary Response

Our founders saw an urgent need in the community when a devastating pandemic struck. We find ourselves once again being called to provide vital help during a time of similar crisis, and 100 years of experience and dedication makes us uniquely qualified to do so. We are excited to share with you the positive impact we are having during this challenging time.


Every month, we serve 2,300 breakfasts, 3,000 milks, 2,260 lunches, 3,200 snacks, 2,400 dinners. We are also providing food to families in need during this crisis. Healthy meals are more important than ever.


While our school building is closed due to COVID-19, our teachers are staying busy using technology to deliver individualized lessons for our 34 students.


Our staff is dedicated to caring for children around the clock. To keep the programs fully staffed this quarter, our team members have worked over 5,200 hours of overtime.


Since the beginning of the year, we have made arrangements for 20 children in our residential programs to be reunited with their families.


We have a team of in-home therapists who visit children and families in their homes or schools. We have made over 2,500 visits since January. These professionals continue to work during the COVID-19 crisis, helping families to manage stress, resolve conflicts, and decrease concerning behavior.


We’ve had over 2,300 visits to our outpatient clinic in 2020. We have a 24/7 on-call system to serve our patients who are in our care. Tending to mental health is particularly important during a global pandemic.

COVID-19 News & Resources

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