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An Enduring Legacy

While many agencies serving children come and go, only a few reach the 100-year landmark.  We have made it this far  by successfully changing and innovating over time to meet new needs while at the same time staying close to our original mission and values.  This year is a great time to make an enduring gift to our mission. 

100th Anniversary Events

Join us for our Centennial Celebration Gala, reunion, golf tourament, and day of service.

Hospitality and Inclusion

The roots of the Italian Home are in the early 20th century when Boston’s Italian immigrant community resolved to care for children in the wake of the Spanish flu epidemic.  Today, we serve children of all nationalities and races, with the values of home and family. 

Centennial Moments: Compassion and Promise

Italian Home gave her life!

By Griffin Thomas | May 17, 2019

Italian Home gave her a bed and pajamas, taught her to swim, bike — and live a normal life Diana Dorci never had a bed of her own, pajamas, or knew what Christmas and Easter were until she was 7 years old and her mother dropped her and three of her brothers off at Italian…

One Hundred Years of Gatherings!

By Griffin Thomas | April 17, 2019

An evening of bridge and whist at the Sheraton Boston.  A “Night of Stars” featuring 25 luminaries of the screen, stage and radio. A concert with famed crooner Perry Como. Reunions for past residents, staff members, friends and volunteers. Like Italian Home itself, the organization’s public events to bolster fundraising and visibility over the past…

At Italian Home, Generations Give Back

By Griffin Thomas | March 20, 2019

Working on behalf of Italian Home for Children has been a true family affair for many Boston-area families. Take James and Robert Tambone. For the past 18 months, James has been one of the members of Italian Home’s Young Leaders Board. “We are a growing group of people in our 20s and 30s looking to…

From ‘Ward of the State’ to Mayor and State Representative

By Griffin Thomas | February 13, 2019

State Representative Paul Donato stands in his office at the Massachusetts State House and motions toward the framed drawing of the Italian Home nestled onto one of the room’s bookshelves.  “Second window on the right on the second floor,” he says, moving closer and touching the image of the Home’s main building. “That’s where I…

A Parent’s Childhood Journey

By Griffin Thomas | January 16, 2019

For Janet D’Agostino Boivin and others like her, tools like have made it easier to research a family’s genealogy – and come to a better understanding of a parent’s childhood journey that included a stay at the Italian Home. Janet’s mother Mary Ranieri (or Maria, as she is listed on the 1930 census that…

“Where Compassion Meets Promise” for 100 years

By Griffin Thomas | December 5, 2018

A catastrophic flu swept across the world in 1918, killing 675,000 in the US in a few weeks and 25 million worldwide. It struck young adults between ages 20-40 particularly harshly, orphaning thousands of children and spreading rapidly in immigrant communities like Boston’s North End, where hardworking people lived in extremely close quarters. Enter Fr.…