In Jamaica Plain, the residential programs assist up to 48 children, and consist of the Intensive Group Home (IGH), Community-Based Acute Therapy (CBAT), and Residential Educational Programs. Services offered include milieu treatment, individual therapy, focused group treatment, spiritual enrichment, intensive family treatment, and family preservation services. The children in our residential programs attend Boston Public Schools, unless they are part of the Residential Educational Program, in which they attend our Mary Salvioli Pallotta Educational center.

The staff work very closely with community based programs so that when the child is discharged, the family has supports in place to be successful.  As children are getting close to discharge from our IGH program, Italian Home for Children may offer Follow Along services which temporarily allows for a clinical staff and para-professional to work with the child and their caregiver in their home and community.

Spiritual Enrichment has been an important part of Italian Home’s history since we opened our doors to children in 1919. Today, children of all faiths and beliefs who are in the care of Italian Home for Children are offered the opportunity to participate in the Spiritual Enrichment Program.

Intensive Group Home

The Intensive Group Home program is a longer term program that works with children ages 4-13 on the Jamaica Plain Campus.  Funded through DCF and DMH, this program serves up to 30 children who often have had multiple failed community placements or multiple hospitalizations/CBAT admissions.  The program accepts children who have a range of diagnoses including but not limited to PTSD, ADHD, ASD, ODD, Depressive and Mood Disorders, and Adjustments Disorders.

The goal of this program is to reunify the children with identified family members as quickly as possible.  All Group Home clients are assigned a Master’s level clinician and provided intensive individual, group, and family therapy throughout the duration of their stay. We work very closely with families to identify tailored treatment needs and necessary natural supports.

CBAT Therapy Room

Community-Based Acute Treatment (CBAT)

The Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) program is a hospital diversion program that works with up to 18 children ages 4-12. Referrals are made by emergency rooms, crisis teams, and inpatient psychiatric units. The purpose of this program is to provide a thorough diagnostic assessment of the child, stabilize the crisis behaviors, and work closely with the family to determine what is needed for the child to be successful in the community after discharge.

Within our CBAT program, we also have a Transitional Care Unit (TCU), which children can be admitted to if they are stable but need some time to transition to the community. Based on medical necessity criteria, the insurance companies may allow for an additional 30 days to transition. Children are then able to go out to school and do multiple overnight passes prior to officially being discharged home.

Residential Education Classroom Photo

Residential Educational Program

Italian Home offers Residential-Educational services for children requiring a long-term residential placement and the benefits of a therapeutic day school. The services are similar to those of Intensive Group Home, but these children live on campus and go to school on campus at our Mary Savioli Pallotta Educational Center. Services provided include milieu treatment, individual therapy, group treatment, spiritual enrichment and recreational activities as well as academics in a small group environment. These placements are embedded in Italian Home’s group home units.

The children in residential educational services have often had multiple school placement disruptions so we are able to provide them with a therapeutic day school in addition to the therapeutic living environment.