Uncertain Times Call for an Extraordinary Response: Italian Home Responds to COVID-19

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Dear Italian Home Community,

As you may know, this agency was founded during the Spanish Flu Pandemic when people banded together to help children and families who had been affected by that devastating health crisis. Suddenly, a century later, we find ourselves called to once again help those who are experiencing trauma, isolation, fear, and helplessness during a time of a serious health crisis. While thankfully most of the people we serve have not had their health directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis, they continue to rely on us for vital services like residential care, social services, mental health treatment, and education. In fact, many of the children and adults we serve have already experienced traumatic experiences and complex challenges in their lives, so this situation is even more scary and upsetting, and thus we are needed now more than ever.

We are proud of our ability to keep most of our programs open right now because of our amazingly dedicated staff. The challenges right now are exposing and heightening their incredible generosity and kindness. We have children living in our dorms who need our positive and nurturing presence 24/7, families in the community relying on us to help ensure that they remain strong and together, and children in our school and after school programs who need our services to ensure that they have the opportunities they deserve. Delivering services during this crisis is very challenging, but we will step up to meet that challenge. Of course, we are using every precaution possible as far as sanitizers, protective equipment, and social distancing to keep everyone safe and healthy, including delivering some care remotely.

There are some temporary changes that you might notice. For example, we are limiting visits to campus, temporarily suspending our volunteer programs, and postponing most events. These decisions were made to ensure that we are following best practices when it comes to reducing the risk of infection to staff and clients on campus. Despite all of that we can still use your help! Here are some things you can do:

  1. Consider donating. We are needed now more than ever. Donations we receive are going directly toward ensuring that we can serve as many children, adults, and families as possible during this crisis.
  2. Make a plan to come to our events or visit campus when the crisis has passed. We will be back in touch with ideas and information.
  3. We are always looking for great staff. We have positions open from entry level to a Medical Doctor, and we know that these days there are a lot of jobs that are tenuous or have been eliminated. If you want to help children and families, or know someone who does, we may have a job here!
  4. Spread the word about the great work we do here and help us build our community of supporters like you. You can like us on Facebook, for example!

In summary, we need you now more than ever if we are going to serve the vulnerable and isolated in our communities during this unprecedented time. I look forward to sharing some stories about the impact we're having with your help and support, and how we're meeting the challenge and delivering needed care. Your ongoing support has helped put us in a position of being there even during a crisis like this, and for that I am very grateful!

Finally, as you can see, we are still here to help! if you know someone in the Boston community who needs help with their own mental health, with parenting, or with the stress that they or their family is facing right now, please pass along our Referral page.


Alan Jacobson, MBA, PsyD

President and CEO