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Italian Home’s Compassionate Roots

The origins of social work in America are thought to be with Hull-House, a settlement house founded by Jane Addams in Chicago in 1889. Settlement houses shared a purpose with social work as a whole: to provide a place where needy people could go and access services such as food, housing, social support, and education. …

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A Parent’s Childhood Journey

For Janet D’Agostino Boivin and others like her, tools like have made it easier to research a family’s genealogy – and come to a better understanding of a parent’s childhood journey that included a stay at the Italian Home. Janet’s mother Mary Ranieri (or Maria, as she is listed on the 1930 census that…

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“Where Compassion Meets Promise” for 100 years

A catastrophic flu swept across the world in 1918, killing 675,000 in the US in a few weeks and 25 million worldwide. It struck young adults between ages 20-40 particularly harshly, orphaning thousands of children and spreading rapidly in immigrant communities like Boston’s North End, where hardworking people lived in extremely close quarters. Enter Fr.…

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