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Spiritual Enrichment Transforming Little Lives

A child has a “spiritual life that grows, changes, responds constantly 
to other lives that, in their sum, make up the individual we call by a
name and know by a story that is all his, all hers.” 
Coles (1990:308)

Italian Home Chapel Door

Stepping through the doors of the Chapel at the Italian Home there are sparks of light that represents transforming lives.  Many of our children have been exposed to the idea of faith and spirituality through their parents, grandparents or guardians.  Each year we have several parents or guardians giving consent for their child or children to attend Sunday worship services and Wednesday religious classes.  

According to Psychology Today magazine, “Canadian researchers shared their findings that kids aged 8 to 12 that report believing in a “higher power” also report higher levels of happiness!”

One may ask, “What are these children experiencing that is life changing and transforming and is this study true?”  In religious class the children recently learned 2 of the 10 commandments, God gave Moses. I told them that commandments are rules from God that are not to be broken.  We proceeded to watch a cartoon video about a boy with a calf.  The boy did not feel he was important and the calf was coincided.  The calf treated other animals in the stall poorly, by eating all the food.  He acted like he was better than the other animals.  One day the boy met another kid with a hawk and thought the hawk was better than his calf.  The calf was later chosen to be a model for Aaron to make a golden calf for the people to worship.  The boy was happy because his calf would be famous and so would he.  

To make a long story short Moses came back from his journey in mountain and found the people worshipping the golden calf which was made from the image of the real calf.  He stopped what the people were doing and destroyed the golden calf.  The boy and the calf returned home after experiencing what it felt like for a few hours of fame and a lesson about following God’s rules.

One of the boys in our class who we will call John said, “God wants me to be me and not like someone else.”  In this day and age where children are always trying to fit in and dealing with bullying, knowing that God wants us to be ourselves is an important life lesson.  John also said, “When we make mistakes God forgives us like the other animals forgave the calf.”  Another child expressed, “following rules keeps us safe.”  These responses are life changing and life transforming ideas that can be put into action by all children.

Italian Home Chapel Altar

Residential staff members have expressed how our children’s behaviors change for the better after attending Sunday services.  The Italian Home for Children Spiritual Enrichment is part of the continual development of a child’s life, and for that we are grateful.