Refreshed and Ready to Connect: Welcome to the New Italian Home Website

When Italian Home for Children was founded 99 years ago, word spread quickly.  People heard about the quality of our services at their place of worship or maybe from a story told at family supper on Sunday.  People looking for work may have found out about the rewarding and meaningful jobs we offered from a relative who worked here or an article they read at their neighborhood newspaper stand.  The agency raised money from generous supporters who discovered the value and importance of our work when a friend made a plea or when they were asked by someone going door-to-door.


So much has changed, while so much has remained the same.  Italian Home still offers high quality and caring services for children of all backgrounds and nationalities.  We still pride ourselves on the measurable quality of our service and depth of our caring.  We have worked hard to be the employer of choice in our region by offering great benefits and an incredibly meaningful job.  And we still are grateful to our amazing donors and volunteers. 

But now we have the internet to spread the word, and while we hope that we are still talked about at dinner tables, places of worship, in the media, and through friendships, we can also accomplish all of these goals in one place through our new website.  We are so proud of our heritage and the 99 years of growth that brought us to where we are today.  And today we are particularly proud of our new website that sums it all up, describing what we do, the benefits of working for us and how someone can donate money or time.

Italian Home for Children New Website

I hope you find our completely refreshed website to be more informative and user friendly than before. Come take a look, see what we’re doing, and perhaps learn something new.  We look forward to connecting with you!