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A Virtual Road Race

May 2 - 6

during social isolation

Italian Home for Children was founded 101 years ago as a response to the Spanish Flu pandemic. We find ourselves once again being called to provide vital help during a time of similar crisis, and a century of experience and dedication makes us uniquely qualified to do so. COVID-19 has brought unexpected expenses and stress as staff are caring for 35 children around the clock and facilitating distance learning. Your contribution helps us provide the children in our care with the learning tools, individualized therapy, and entertainment they need to weather the COVID-19 storm.  

While we are all practicing social distancing and staying home, let’s continue to support our community and the kids that need it most. Join us for 5 days of 5K, May 2-6, for a Virtual 5K from anywhere, literally anywhere! It could be a route in your neighborhood or favorite park. This is about finding ways to help in a time when we are feeling most isolated. Let's keep moving forward to help the Italian Home reach their goal of $5,000!